CLE Creamery & Floats Packaging and Print

Image of packaging mockups. Includes mockup of straw box design, ice cream carton design, and float cup sleeve design.

CLE Creamery and Floats is a mock company for a mom-and-pop creamery/dairy farm in Northeast Ohio. I created a brand identity around the combination of the dairy farm origin and a Neapolitan ice cream color scheme. 

My process began with sketches of multiple logo designs. After a logo was selected, I designed three versions (color, reversed, and black and white) of it in Adobe Illustrator. From there, I began working on the bifold brochure – starting with sketches of the layouts, illustrations, and creating it in Adobe InDesign. The brochure covered the company’s origins, what they are about, menu items, and extra activities for customers to reference at home. Lastly, I created a series of three packaging items for company merchandise. Before starting these designs, I researched the legal requirements for packaging information to comply with the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. I again created sketches before moving into Adobe InDesign to finish the files with custom dielines. The float sleeve and ice cream carton had to be carefully measured and adjusted to make special dielines to get the correct shape. 

Logo Sketches

Sketches of the logo design ideas.

Initial Logo

Images of the black and white, reversed out, and color logo at full size and 1 inch versions.

Initial Brochure

Initial version of the front page of the brochure.
Initial design of the origin layout.
Initial version of the about me layout.
Initial version of the first page of the menu.
Initial version of the second page of the menu.
Initial version of the last page of the brochure.
Initial version of the activities page of the brochure.
Inital back cover design.

Initial Packaging

Initial versions of the packaging items.
Updated logo in color, reversed out, and black and white.

Updated Brochure

Updated front cover.
Updated origins layout.
Updated about me layout.
Updated first page of the menu section.
Updated second page of the menu section.
Updated activities page.
Updated testimonials page.
Updated back cover.

Updated Packaging

Final versions of the packaging items, including a box of straws, ice cream carton, and float cup sleeve.