About Me

Art is in everything we do and see in our lives, whether it is human made or produced in nature. Art and design have always inspired me and I have been an avid creator since I was very young. I became a graphic designer to work to bring clients’ vision to reality. Design is essential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the messages we share. I begin my process with a loose concept that continues to shape and mold it until it clearly represents the feelings and ideas behind the design. After the first draft is approved by the client, the editing process begins as I take away the unnecessary parts of the design or add to it until it fits their needs. I am a well rounded designer who actively explores various design opportunities that give me the chance to work on different types of projects to enhance my skills and abilities.


Respect Them

PSA Poster Series

Graphic Design I | Fall 2018

This is a poster series of a public service announcement about respecting pronouns and gender identity. This PSA series is meant to help start the education process and act as a stepping stone for people who want to learn more about gender expression. A set of three posters cover the most commonly used pronouns; she/her/hers, he/him/his, and they/them/theirs. Each poster uses colors that are stereotypically assigned to specific genders, pink for feminine identities, blue for masculine identities, and green for gender neutral identities. Using a sans serif font to help send a clear, straightforward message such as the different ways that individuals use pronouns to express themselves in our society.

Image of the green they/them/theirs pronoun poster.
Image of the blue he/him/his pronoun poster.
Image of the pink she/her/hers pronoun poster.

Image of the Letter History poster that uses negative space and a paragraph in the shape of a J.
Image of the Letter History poster with angles and an illustration of the evolution "i" to "j".
Image of the Letter History poster with a dramatic slash of red denoting a finish line.


Letter History: Just in Time

Poster Series

Typograpy | Spring 2019

This poster series is an exploration of the evolution between the letters i and j. J was the last letter to be officially added to the English alphabet. The bright red used in these posters evokes a sense of urgency and high energy. The angles throughout the posters add on to that urgency and provide a forward motion that represent the divergence of the letters i and j. Hierarchy is also used to further emphasize the shift and changes that occur over time as i evolves into j. The final poster also uses this angle to represent a finish line, as the letter j is fully recognized as its own individual letter. 

What is a Corset


Logos & Symbols | Spring 2021

Look at my process in making this Instagram infographic!

Image of a phone showing an instagram story with the first post of the What is a Corset infographic. Other posts from the infographic are seen next to the phone.
Mockup of the Healthy Life Fitness website shown on a laptop.


Healthy Life Fitness

Web Piece

Graphic Design II | Fall 2019

Hey, I made a website based on the name above. Check out how I did it with this fun button right here.

Introduction to Book Binding


Typography | Spring 2019

Are you interested in book binding? Want to see how I made a brochure about book binding?

Mockup of the Famous Binding Influences spread in the Introduction to Book Binding brochure.
Mockup of the CLE Creamery & Floats website on a laptop.


CLE Creamery & Floats

Web Piece

Graphic Design III | Fall 2020

Check out my journey of making a website for a mock ice cream company!

Family Sports Logo

Branding System

Logos & Symbols | Spring 2021

See how I created an entire identity system and guidelines on using them!

Image of the Family Sports Logo mockup showing the designed letterhead, business card, and envelope.
Mockup of the front and back cover of the CLE Creamery & Floats brochure.


CLE Creamery & Floats

Packaging and Print

Graphic Design III | Fall 2020

Check out how I made this brochure and these packaging items!

Powerpoint Templates

Long Form Documents

Sage Partners LLC | Summer 2021

Here I created two Powerpoint templates for internal presentations and booklet printing.

Image of a transition slide for the Sage Partners PowerPoint.
Mockup of the front CD cover and CD for Factory Seconds Brass Trio's Peaks and Valleys.


Peaks and Valleys CD


Factory Seconds Brass Trio | Summer 2021

I designed the cover and CD art.

Stinger Chatbox

Interactive Media Piece

Baldwin Wallace University | Fall 2020

I created a series of emojis to be used in informal communication between students and university employees. They are based off the university yellow jacket mascot, Stinger.

Images of the Baldwin Wallace University's Stinger chatbox emojis.